The real story behind the Addys: Great Clients

It was a great Saturday night last weekend for our company, TRUE visionary marketing, at the Northeast Arkansas Advertising Federation Addy Gala.

Not only did TRUE bring home the most awards of any entrant by a nearly 2-to-1 margin — 11 in all — but we also dominated the broadcast advertising categories again this year (only one other company even placed). TRUE won all of the radio commercial awards, plus six out of seven television category awards.

TRUE also won the only Addy awards given for mixed media campaigns.

And, for the third consecutive year, TRUE was awarded the Broadcast Best of Show Addy, indicating that when it comes to delivering breakthrough creative in the cluttered mass media advertising market, nobody does it better than TRUE.

We couldn’t be more pleased.

Except the Addy Awards don’t tell the whole story.

Speaking with more than 25 years of experience behind me, I can tell you that great advertising starts with great clients. Every ad that makes you take notice began with some invaluable input from the client. Advertising is always a team effort, and one of the reasons TRUE does so well at the Addy Awards each year is that we have fantastic team players on the client side.

Looking through our awards this year, the client Team Captains are stellar performers in their own right. Our Broadcast Best of Show Award also won a Gold Addy for Regional TV Campaign for Liberty Bank, which wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of Selena Barber, Liberty’s VP of Marketing.

Her team’s ideas, input and information were the genesis of the work. Partnered up with our TRUE team, the end result was award-winning accolades in television, radio and mixed media campaign categories.

Then there’s the VP of Marketing at St. Bernards, Laura Pickens, who worked with TRUE to produce the award-winning mixed media advertising breast cancer awareness campaign. Like Selena, Laura not only challenges all of us at TRUE, but also inspires us.

Other clients are equally involved — and responsible — for the work we do that is recognized for excellence by our peers: Christina Ryan, executive director at HMG, for whom we won a TV award; Dr. Russ Harral at Vision Care Center, whose spurring on helped us collect two Addy awards; and marketing executives Susan Christian and Jane Marie Woodruff at Ritter Communications, whose collaboration on ideas produced two Gold Addys in the local television category.

Another essential part of the team effort that produces award-winning work is the talented production partners who work with TRUE. Companies like Anthem Pictures, Faultline Studios, Soundscapes and The Works — just to name a few — help us and our clients turn ideas and concepts into finished commercials.

Thanks to our clients for giving us the opportunity to do great work, thanks to the TRUE team for always putting forth the extra effort required for excellence, and thanks to our production companies for never settling for “good enough.”

Great clients. Great Team. Great work.


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