About Me

I have been writing weekly op-ed columns for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette since May 2000. My column is published each Friday on the Voices page. Before that I wrote a column for Arkansas Business, the statewide weekly business news publication. I began as a columnist for The Walnut Ridge Times-Dispatch. My topics range from the political to the social, encompassing pertinent issues such as education and crime and healthcare legislation, and exploring other interesting things like aptonyms and history.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dana,

    Read with interest your Education Solutions piece in the Gazette today.

    Check out these websites to see some innovations/solutions to meet our rural students needs.

    http://neaportal.k12.ar.us/ –meeting critical high school math need –right in your backyard at Walnut Ridge.

    http://www.dawson.dsc.k12.ar.us/DepartmentsPrograms/DistanceLearning/tabid/101/Default.aspx – Meeting the rural Career/Vocational needs

    These programs have been created by our educators and teachers from rural areas.

    Bob Bell
    Rural Ed. Planning Consultant
    Hot Springs Arkansas

  2. Loved your article regarding domestic violence and giving the protective orders “teeth”. I found it when trying to search for the two part article in the El Dorado Times Newspaper regarding Donald Hux. Do you have access to the article? I would love to see it in its entirety. I would have to pay for a subscription to read it on their website. I am so disturbed by what this man was able to do.

  3. Dear Mr. Kelley,
    In your column “Some Historical Perspective, you misrepresented some comments President Obama made during his September 10 speech about Syria. He did not “frame his repugnance over the use of chemical weapons by referencing their use in World War I.” He said that images of the dead in Syria on August 21 were “sickening.” Only later did he note that American servicemen had been killed by poison gas in the First World War, a statement of fact that didn’t require elaboration, or need to be put into “true context,” whatever that is. He was making a speech, not giving a lecture about WWI.
    By the way, the Germans, not the French, were the first to use poison gas. They did so on April 22, 1915 at Langemark in Belgium during the Battle of Ypres, and the Allies suffered many casualties.
    Finally, it’s absurd to suggest that poison gas was the least of atrocities because “only about 90,000 died.” The word atrocity does not connote numbers. It means cruel and barbaric, or even horrifying, words that aptly describe the use of poison gas.

    Roger Williamson

  4. I was a teacher for the LRSD for 10 years. I taught Forensic Science and Criminal Justice at Metropolitan Career Tech. I agree with your The Parallel Tragedy column. Every year hundreds of dollars would be spent for staff to travel to someplace to study “Campuses that Work” Trying to find out how to just get students to come to school so we can have a shot at educating them. Every school day, I could step into the hall and hear all the FU , FU–N and Bitch I wanted to hear. The administration stated that it was their (Students) culture.Metro has students for appx. 20 miles out. I had students from a private christian school just 1/2 mile from our campus. I often visited there and NEVER heard a profane word. What would happen to a student if they yelled out and expletive on that campus or just didn’t come to class 28 days out of a quarter? Perhaps the administration was right, a culture thing.

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